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Asset Control

We develop a Software to control the assets, what does it means:

- You can create your own inspection sheet

- You can upload the inspection in real time with your android app

- Includes Pictures and comments

- You can run a report of how is performing your assets 

For example you can create a check list for Truck, Yard, Office, Trailers, etc..

With this tool you can control your asset in real time, no more need of Paper Check List.

Asset Add.JPG

Add Asset

On this TAB you can add the Assets to be inspected and select the Check List to be used.

Asset check points.JPG

Check Points

On this TAB you can add all the check points to be used on the Check List

Asset check list.JPG

Check List

You can custom your Check base on your needs.

Asset Inpsection.JPG

Asset Report

You can run a report for the last audit and which Assets Pass

Asset report.JPG

Report for Period of Time

You can perform a report for a period of time and see the trend of the Inpections

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